Saturday, September 30, 2023

Another Reflective View


Two years ago, I posted some photos of the reflective piece in the foreground along with the artist's complex perspective.  On this visit to the museum, I decided to photograph it from a distance.  You can see how all those reflective pieces are creating more reflections on the ceiling. 

This is another one of the many artworks that gets moved around to different locations in the museum.  The piece was created by Josiah McElheny for his series on total reflective abstractions.  

While I'm in the room to see McElheny's work I decided it was only fair to feature the two pieces behind the reflective piece.  This one is called Arches of Geso by the artist Manuel Neri.  This is another large scale piece that gets moved from gallery to gallery.

Next to the one above is another piece by Manuel Neri called "Ter Fome Series II".  The one above is bronze and this one is mixed media on canvas.  

On this short visit to the museum, I found myself enjoying pieces I've seen many times before but never studied carefully.


RedPat said...

What a lovely space for viewing the pieces, Sharon.

Travel said...

Moving things around, loaning them out, makes the place fresh every time you go.

Many years ago I was in the Vatican Museum, I was looking at a very large sculpture, and I read the tag, it had been in that one location since 1776, as long as the US has been a country.

Bill said...

I imagine the art is easier to move around in such a nice big place. The art is beautiful.

Steve Reed said...

I love the ceiling effect!

roentare said...

Thank you for the great arts

William Kendall said...

These are fascinating.