Friday, March 17, 2023

Chickens and Goats


The last house on the home and garden tour was full of surprises.  The first surprise was that we had to climb up a very steep mountain to get to it.  In fact, it was so steep, the owners ran a two-car shuttle service to take people up so they wouldn't have to climb that hill.  The car in the photo is one of the shuttles.  

When we got to the top, we were greeted by a selection of farm animals.  These two goats were putting on quite a show with a lot of head-butting action taking place.

In addition to the the playful goats, there was quite a selection of chickens wandering around.  These were not just your average farm-yard chickens, they were a colorful bunch.

The adventure did not stop with the friendly farm animals.  We had yet another hill to climb to get to the house.  Tomorrow I'll show you the view from the top.

By the way, Happy St. Patrick's Day!


William Kendall said...

Nice animals to see!

Stefan Jansson said...

A real adventure.

Travel said...

Fresh eggs, and a million dollar view, can't wait.

RedPat said...

A mountain farm. Happy St Patrick's Day to you, Sharon.

Bill said...

I can imagine what the view is like. Looking forward in seeing it.

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Good idea to run a shuttle. Looking forward to your next post!