Thursday, April 11, 2024

Violas and Other Garden Flowers


These tiny little flowers caught my eye at the Desert Botanical Garden.  I've seen these flowers before but this striped variety was new to me.  I always thought they were tiny pansies but I learned that they are actually called violas.  They are so pretty.

I'm not sure what the tiny little blue flowers are called.  There were several little clusters of them scattered around.

I found these unusual black petunias mixed in with the other flowers at the garden.

The flowers are abundant right now.  


roentare said...

even richer and radiant colours

Travel said...

The striped are amazing.

Steve Reed said...

Those violas ARE very dramatic! I love them! I think the pale blue flowers may be lobelias?

RedPat said...

Those Violas are amazing. I think those are Lobelias too.

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Beautiful flowers. I've never seen a black petunia. We're finally getting some good blooms in "my" desert, but they won't last long as things are heating up.