Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Spring at the Japanese Garden


I made a trip to the Japanese Friendship Garden over the last weekend to see how spring was looking in that environment.  As it turns out, it was looking very good.

I was hoping I'd find some flowers that I don't usually see and I wasn't disappointed.  

The iris patch was full of beautiful blooms.

The blooms were impossible to resist.

I must have taken a dozen photos of these delicate blooms.   

The trip to Japanese Friendship Garden was a colorful success.


Diaday said...

One of our MeterParks has a beautiful iris garden. It's still early for them to bloom here...late spring to early summer is when they show up.

Travel said...

I remember flower farms there in the mid-1960's blooming in the winter sun.

RedPat said...

They are such beautiful delicate flowers, Sharon. I think it will be about a month until we see any here.

Steve Reed said...

Beautiful Irises! This makes me want to visit the Japanese garden in Holland Park. Haven't been there in ages.

roentare said...

Irises are very nicely captured