Wednesday, April 10, 2024

A Rainbow of Cactus Blooms


There were a variety of cactus blooms to admire last Sunday when I was at the Desert Botanical Garden.  I'll share just a few today.  The colors were so vivid.  

Such a pretty shade of pink!

An orange bloom!

They came in all shapes and sizes.

Even a short little cactus can push out a pretty bloom.

Pretty blooms on the claret cup cactus. It was a feast for the eyes.


Stefan Jansson said...

Colorful. We had 2 days with 15C and I found some "blåsippor", that I might show you tomorrow.

roentare said...

The desert flowers are the most pretty

Diaday said...

Thank you for this bright and sunshiny post! It's gray and damp here.

Travel said...

Such a pretty landscape.

RedPat said...

The shade of pink is so beautiful, Sharon.

Steve Reed said...