Saturday, May 25, 2024

Unusual Piece of Art


We all know that art comes in a vast variety of forms however, here is one that surprised me.  This is from my trip to Tucson and it was hanging in one of the galleries at the Tucson Museum of Art.  It's called "Everything in my Apartment, 2006" and the artist is Paho Mann.  Here is the description:

"One day in 2005, Paho Mann dismantled his Tempe apartment. Mann photographed everything he owned, each object in the same thumbprint size, a car key equal to a bra, a chili pepper equal to a book.  Then he arranged the photos into a grid and made a gigantic Inkjet print. In this manner, the artist speaks about the insignificance of things while also  commenting on how much 'stuff' we all accumulate."

Here's a close up of one tiny section of the piece.  

It's certainly a unique way to create art.  


roentare said...

This type of art is rustic. I love it

RedPat said...

I would need several large panels that would fill a room to show all of my stuff, Sharon. What a project that must have been.

Gemel said...

Wow, that is rather quite incredible!

Travel said...

I like it

Steve Reed said...

What a cool idea. I love how all the items are positioned in a way that creates a pattern in the larger work.