Sunday, October 10, 2021

Perfect Backgrounds


I found a few photos that caught my attention when I was looking for the Chihuly photos I posted last week.  They all had great backgrounds.  This first one is of the flower on a leek plant.  If I remember correctly, that purple background is because of a garden sign that was in the distance behind the plant.

This one I remember framing this way.  I happened to notice the narrow leaf agave that was behind this young saguaro so I lined it up to create the background for this photo of the cactus.

These skyflower blooms just happened to be hanging in front of a garden wall that was painted a pretty shade of red.  

A solid blue sky is always a great background for a photo.  It perfectly frames this dragonfly sitting on top of the bloom stalk of a century plant.

The blurred background of trees and shrubs makes this little cactus wren stand out from everything surrounding him.  

As with almost every photographer, I love it when the background lines up perfectly to enhance the shot.

I have a new post on Sharon's Sojourns today.  I'm looking at some views on high.


Travel said...

Great depth of field control on the wren,

Gemel said...

Stunning Sharon.

RedPat said...

Fabulous, Sharon!

Steve Reed said...

Those are good backgrounds! The top one is especially nice, I think.

Catarina said...

Yes, these backgrounds are perfect.

bill said...

Beautiful and well composed photos.

William Kendall said...

These are wonderful.