Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Will Rogers Airport


The airport in Oklahoma City is called the Will Rogers World Airport so it's understandable that there would be some type of tribute to Will Rogers.

In this case it's a bust of the man. The little plaque below says that it was created by Jo Davidson.  

For those who haven't heard of Will Rogers, he was a vaudeville performer and actor and later in life a social commentator.  He was born on the Cherokee Nation and is known as "Oklahoma's Favorite Son".  

Also found in the airport was this Allan Houser bronze statue called "Prayer".  

The airport is small by today's standards.  It has only one terminal and 17 gates.  

It might be small but it was a pleasant place to wait for my flight.


roentare said...

The 2nd statue looks like he is in pain.

Catarina said...

I prefer small airports. That one looks very inviting.
I had never heard of Will Rogers. Thanks for the info. : )

Diaday said...

I love to look at art in airports. As my husband hurries to get our luggage, I'm strolling to admire the art! A lot of it tells the story of the area you're visiting.

Travel said...

There are some really nice small airports, then there is Fayetteville, NC.

RedPat said...

I think that you have shown us Houser's work before, Sharon. I like both of these pieces.

Steve Reed said...

I wonder how many people even know who Will Rogers is these days.

Bill said...

Nice sculptures. All I know about Will Rogers was that he died in a plane crash at Point Barrow, Alaska.