Friday, August 1, 2008

Theme Day - Metal

I wanted to pay homage to the metal that helped build Arizona, Copper. I decided to head to the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum located near the state Capitol. Just inside the door, I found this enormous copper statue of a miner. A perfect fit. A statue that pays tribute to the people who work for an industry that is very big in Arizona. Having that statue made out the very metal that is the product of the miners work was a plus.

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Steve Buser said...

Yes. A very striking theme day shot with a very interesting explanation

David -- said...

A great selection for the metal theme day.

it is a good thing this coppper statue is inside the museum. If it were outside, some thieves woule probably come around and steal it to sell it for scrap, given the price of copper these days. If thieves in the U.S. will strip copper gutters, pipes and wiring out of buildings, think what they would do with a statue.

Ming the Merciless said...

I didn't realize Arizona produces that much copper.

Nice statue.

Tash said...

Very enjoyable blog. Nice tribute to the miners & so appropriate for Metal theme day. I've driven past the open pit mine in southern Arizona at least 15 years ago - and thought it very impressive.

Kate said...

This is a strong and beautiful sculpture. Good narrative, too!