Thursday, July 31, 2008

Let’s go to the theatre

The Orpheum Theatre in downtown Phoenix is another Phoenix Point of Pride. If you look closely you can see the Point of Pride sign on a light pole next to the building. Built in 1929, it went through and extensive renovation and was re-opened in 1997 as a modern theatre of the classical style. It can seat 1364 people and has a line-up of events from concerts to big musicals.

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Another tidbit is that the building behind the Orpheum is Phoenix City Hall and the City has the wisdom when building the new city hall to (1) save the Orpheum and (2) use the modern air conditioning system for the new building to service the Orpheum as well. People can go straight from the Orpheum lobby to the lobby of the City Hall building, so that for special events they can use the City Hall lobby for dinners and receptions.

Let's give our politicians credit for being far-sighted and smart in those occasions when they are.