Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lunch Anyone?

This building has had many tenants before the chain Baja Fresh moved in. At one time it was a fine dining establishment. Situated in heart of downtown Phoenix and wedged between two very tall high-rise buildings, it seems that Baja Fresh has had the most success of all the previous incarnations. It certainly makes a rather elegant looking fast food restaurant.

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Here's a bit of trivia related to your photo. The high-rise buildings in your photo may be recognaizable to the 3 or 4 people who are fans of the 1994 movie Terminal Velocity, starring Charlie Sheen. The plot, to the extent that there was a plot, involved a sky diving school in the Arizona desert that had something to do with the Russian mafia and a good-looking girl who died when her parachute did not open. (Sound predicatable?)

There is a skybridge between the two high-rise buildings in your photo, and they had a scene in the movie where a bunch of sky divers came down in between the buildings.

The only reason I remember this is that I was working in one of the buildings on a Saturday and saw the skydivers flying by my window, with the film crews in helicopters and on the ground below.

Sharon said...

Dave...that must have been quite a sight.

Steve Buser said...

Isn't it strange how some restaurants hang around in on place for 50 years and then some other places have a string of restaurants then either end in disrepair, or find the perfect match and thrive.

TeamSplashi said...

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Cheers said...

A variation on your observation is the sad situations of restaurants that are popular and crowded, so they expand, and then they look half empty and unpopular, so people stop going, and with the increased debt service to pay for the expansion, the restaurant fails.