Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The British are coming…the British are coming

Coming soon to my neighborhood is a new Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market and I can’t wait. Fresh & Easy is owned by the well-known British grocer, Tesco. The company is environmentally conscious and treats both their customers and employees with a high level of respect. To further the “neighborhood market” concept, the stores are only around 10,000 square feet and they offer organic foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, and prepared foods along with the everyday items.


Jan said...

We've had our Fresh 'n Easy for several months and we love it. Reminds me of the small local grocers from NY. I love the way they packages and that they carry a lot of different ethic foods not 1 or 2 like most supermarkets in Phoenix. They also recycle plastic grocery bags!

Randy said...

Where is this one opening at? I heard they tore down the Target at 7th Ave and Camelback and were going to open one of these stores there.