Friday, August 8, 2008

Shemer Art Center & Museum

The Shemer Art Center is another Phoenix “Point of Pride” location. The property, including a historic home was donated to the city by Martha Eward Shemer in 1984 with a dream to preserve the property and provide a community arts education facility. The art center was born that same year. The house is now an art gallery with space for art classes as well as special exhibitions. The grounds serve as a sculpture garden where this sculpture by Joe Tyler can be found. The title of this piece is “Urban Forestry” and it quickly became one of the favorite pieces in the garden. Tyler had a 20-year career in horticulture before deciding his welding skills could bring his love of plants and landscape to life through art.

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PJ said...

It looks so life-like. I really thought it was a bonsai until i read your text. It's an amazing photo.