Friday, July 18, 2008

Tribute to Survival

Phoenix has many beautiful parks and green spaces. I’m sure I’ll have an opportunity to feature many of them on this blog as time goes by. Today I’m going to feature a very small park that is dedicated to survivors of cancer. Richard and Annette Bloch (he founded H & R Block) have sponsored Cancer Survivor Parks in many cities around the country and the Phoenix park was dedicated on March 6th 1999. One of the main features of this park is a sculpture by Victor Salmones that he claims to be his finest labor of love. The figures in the back represent cancer patients and their supporters, the maze in the middle represents treatment, and the figures in the front represent the joy of a successful treatment.


David -- said...

Thank you for such an inspirational post. It aptly ilustrates he battle with cancer as a journey joined by the friends and family of the patient.

Chandlermom said...

Hi and welcome to the daily photo, from your DP neighbor in Chandler!

I've always loved this tribute, I drive by it when I get the chance to visit the downtown library, which I hope you'll feature on your blog!

Sharon said...

Chandlermom, thanks for the welcome. Yes,I will be posting something on the library at some time in the future. Over the past 3 years, I've had to drive to Chandler for work, so I know there is a lot of beauty in your part of the valley as well.