Sunday, July 13, 2008

Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa

This is a view of the front of the Arizona Biltmore. It was opened February 23, 1929 as part of the Biltmore Hotel Chain. The architect was Albert Chase McArthur, but it is mistakenly attributed to Frank Lloyd Wright who served as a consultant for the masonry construction. Over the years, many Frank Lloyd Wright influences have been added to the hotel and grounds, adding to the architectural confusion. There is even a restaurant inside the hotel named "Wright's". I'll post more pictures of the hotel in the future.


Kim said...

Wow, it looks impressive. And those topiary letters! I guess FLWright's name visibility is so very high it attracts people with an interest in him to anywhere even remotely influenced by his design. Cool post!
Seattle Daily Photo

Sharon said...

Hi Kim,
It is a very impressive place. I'll post more pictures from there in the next few days. You are right about FLW. His influence is very big in Arizona.