Monday, September 28, 2009

Urban Living

I have admired these condominiums located in the shadow of the mid-town financial district ever since I discovered them. They have a distinctive look and the three story style is interesting.

I do hate to think about the cost of the energy to keep these condos cool in an Arizona summer. As you can see from the small photo, they have floor to ceiling glass on both sides.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you a little about that low building in the foreground of the top picture.


Mo said...

Are they double glazed?

Julie said...

nice composition and I also wonder about those electricity bills to keep the place cool when there are windows on both sides. I look forward to learning about the low building.

Jarart said...

In the winter when it is nice outside it would be great to open the drapes and have all that view, but in the summer....I think I would have to keep them closed all the time. The low building looks interesting, I look forward to your post about it.

glenda said...

These look very interesting. I'd love to have a look inside.