Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Surprise Inside

Continuing from yesterday's post, we started the home tour in the kitchen/family room.  Everything was sleek and modern with cabinets that had no handles but opened to the touch, a stove top that disappeared into the counter and a refrigerator that looked just like the cabinetry.

It was all very sleek and modern looking.

We toured the master bedroom and bath and both were just as modern looking as the this area.  Then the salesman encouraged us to check out the lower level.  We didn't even know the place had a lower level.

The lower level had a theatre style entertainment room with a wet bar.

And, a big surprise, the garage!  On the lower level!  
We knew we were in trouble when we saw this room and realized that the garage operated as an elevator.  You drove in at ground level, push a button and go down to the lower level.  In addition to this phenomenon, there were three more bedrooms each with it's own bath and a lovely wine storage facility that you can see a tiny corner of to the far left.  There was even a small elevator to take people down to this area in case you didn't want to use the stairs.  So how much does all this luxury cost?  $3,595,000.00!  Obviously, we were way out of our price range. 

I have to admit, the house had some pretty amazing features and decor but really, why do you need your garage to be an elevator?  Are there people out there who want to look at their cars while entertaining guests?  And, what happens if the power goes out and your car is on the lower level?  So many questions.  It boggles the mind! 


Bill Nicholls said...

Well I can see that was a surprise, what a house to own

RedPat said...

Some people love their cars! I know someone who parks his old Porsche in his super large kitchen. That is quite the house, Sharon!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Oh how the other half live! It's a fabulous interior Sharon, but I'm not sure I could live up to that level of tidiness, and my car would definitely let this situation down 😀😀

Halcyon said...

I remember we saw a house with an elevator garage in Toronto. In this house it was for the owner's many cars. You could stack them up!

William Kendall said...

Very modern, and I can see why the price tag would run up that steep.

bill burke said...

Sleek and slick. It is very modern but like you mentioned what if the power went out. I can't imagine an elevator garage. Some young sports dude would probably love this so he could show it off. Lots of bells and whistles and I guess for that price you'd want them.

Thanks for the wonderful tour Sharon, I enjoyed it.

Kate said...

An amazing house. Had to laugh when I saw the garage because it reminds me of a scene in the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off, a favourite of my young grandkids which we saw over and over again.

Steve Reed said...

That's definitely for people whose cars are artworks in themselves. I wouldn't want to have to look at a 1992 Honda Civic or something, which is what I would probably own.