Sunday, November 9, 2008

Spanish Market

This is the weekend of the Spanish Market at the Heard Museum and I stopped by yesterday to see what beautiful things might entice me. There are over 75 artists who display and sell their artwork with crafts ranging from furniture to painting to jewelry and much, much more. I saw a painting I loved and some beautiful work with thin sheets of metal shaped and pounded into pictures but, I resisted the purchase. I felt concern that the artists might not do so well in these hard economic times, but I was pleased to see that there were a few people who were purchasing both large and small artworks.
This picture is of the strolling Mariachi’s who provided entertainment apropos to the event.
The best part of the day happened when I ran into good friends that I hadn't seen in months. We ended up spending the afternoon together and catching up. Nothing beats an afternoon with good friends.


JM said...

I was a bit confused looking at mariachis in a spanish market, but then I've just realized that americans use the word spanish when refering to mexican stuff, that means all the handicrafts you described are not from Spain, am I right?

Sharon said...

Jm, you are correct. They mostly are influenced by Mexican art. Some of it is unique to Mexico only, but some has strong 'Spanish' influences that must come from a historic perspective.

The missionaries who built the chain of missions north through Mexico, into Arizona and California were from Spain so their architecture and art provides strong influences in this area even today.

David -- said...

jm and Sharon,
Your dialogue has uncovered a complex subject. As jm is from Portugal, I can understand his questioning mariachis at a Spanish market. In the USA, there is a huge confusion and over-generalization about Latino cultures.

Many Americans consider "Hispanic" to apply to everyone and everything south of the border. Unless Americans have closer associations with Latino culture, they do not differentiate very much between art or culture from Mexico, Central America, South America, or Spain.

There is great diversity in Latin America. The Carribean cultures are different. There are countries that speak French or English. The largest country in South America, of course, speaks Portugese.

In Phoenix, the overwhelming Latino cultural influence is Mexican in origin, which of course carries with it traditions from Spain. With more cultural events like the Heard Museum Spanish market, more people gain more exposure to the diversity of Latino cultures and Latino influences in U.S. culture.

JM said...

Due to Portugal location, the only neighbour country we have is Spain, so it's very natural all of us go there quite often and know it pretty well, that's why I' sure they have the 'flamenco' and not the 'mariachis' :-)
I've visited Mexico for one month (actually have fallen in love with the country!) and of course I can see 5 centuries of spanish influence in every aspect, but the differences with Spain are enormous! I think it is equivalent to what happens between Portugal and Brasil.
As a matter of fact I love Latin America and was lucky to have visited most of its countries where spanish have been for centuries leaving a great heritage, but glady every one of them still keep most of their rich traditions.
And yes, it's true not all South America speaks spanish. I've also been in Belize and it's influences are totally different from other neighbour countries, like Guatemala or Honduras.

Boise Diva said...

The picture reminds me of my favorite birthday celebration at the Camel Back Inn-Scottsdale. A Mariachi band serenaded me the whole time!

Steve Buser said...

An afternoon outside with live romantic music with friends. I can put myself in that place right now.

Randy said...

I love the Heard. So many fun events to see there.

Laurie said...

I'd love to have been there! It reminds me of all the festivals in Austin when I was growing up. I love Mexican culture and food and those gorgeous colors used in everything from textiles to pottery. When I was growing up, my family vacationed on South Padre Island on the southern tip of Texas. We would go into Matamores and shop the bazaars and street vendors. I still have turquoise pieces from those trips.

Hilda said...

Arts and crafts! Ooh, sounds like my kind of market! No matter the country of origin or influence ;)

Love the discussion of JM and David here! And that's coming from one whose people is Malay, mixed in with Chinese, and became a Spanish colony (and therefore, Catholic) for 300 years, LOL! And we're not even talking about the southern-most islands of the Philippines, which remains mostly Muslim. ;D

Susie of Arabia said...

Sharon - You're really making me homesick now! I grew up in Douglas on the Mexican border and lived many years in Tucson and Prescott. Ay, ay, ay, ay!!!