Thursday, October 2, 2008

Herberger Theatre

The Herberger Theatre was built in downtown Phoenix in 1989 containing 3 performance spaces, the main or center state seating 800, stage west seating 325, and a performance outreach space seating 110. A large portion of the funds to build the theatre came from Katherine “Kax” Herberger and her husband Robert who moved to Arizona in 1949 from Minnesota where they owned a department store chain. Kax Herberger devoted most of her life to the arts contributing both time and money to all aspects of the arts. In addition to this project, she also contributed to The Herberger College of Arts at Arizona State University, the Phoenix Art Museum, and many, many other organizations. This is a beautiful theatre and is one of the Phoenix Points of Pride. This is also where I saw the performance of “Doubt” that I told you about yesterday.


Rob said...

I knew there was something familiar with the Herberger name. By the way, I've been in that 225 building, our office has doen extension engineering work for W.F. in the Cities and downtown.

Mo said...

Great follow on from yesterday.

marcinko said...

Great way to start an argument:
"Those heroic statues make me think of the Third Reich."