Friday, September 24, 2010

Bridge over a troublesome wash

This bridge is located on the campus of Phoenix Country Day School, a college preparatory school for kindergarten through high school. It is a nonsectarian school that prepares graduates for admission to the nation’s top colleges and universities. You can read more about it here.

The campus is split by a wash that is mostly dry, but during heavy rains can fill with rushing water coming off of the mountains that cut through our city.

When I stopped to take this photo, I notice that the school was celebrating it’s 50th anniversary. 


Kcalpesh said...

Nice shot! Love the colors of those flags!!

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JM said...

Very nice perspective!

Kate said...

Looks like a great school. Wish all kids had the opportunity to go to a school like that. I suppose the students are well-instructed on safe behvior during the heavy rains. Could be dangerous, I assume.

Randy said...

Nice grounds! I've never seen that area before.

Jacob said...

Very interesting. Our son, who was born in Tempe, turns 50 today!

And I do remember those dry washes that became raging torrents and very dangerous at times!

We just returned from a 4,000-mile trip to Colorado...visiting our daughter (who was also born in Tempe)!

Took a few photos. If you're interested, we've set up a blog to post said photos here:

Have a wonderful day!

Julie said...

what a nice bridge and i did not realize they had been around for 50 years wow

Tracy said...

What a nice looking bridge! I love the flags flying in the breeze.

Jarart said...

Nice campus they have there. Those washes can be deceiving.