Friday, October 17, 2008

Rose Mofford

Inside the Arizona Mining & Mineral Museum that I featured on August 2nd, is a room devoted to former Governor Rose Mofford. Rose is a native Arizonan who graduated with the highest grade point average ever achieved at her school in northern Arizona. In 1939, she played first base for the Phoenix Queens a fast pitch softball team that toured all over the country and even played Madison Square Garden. She spent a lifetime working for Arizona State Government and was appointed Secretary of State in 1977 and remained in that position until 1988 when she became Governor after the impeachment of then Governor Evan Mecham (Arizona has quite a colorful political history but, that’s another story.) This room contains all sorts of memorabilia from her years in governmental service. This picture only shows a portion of one wall. There are two other walls all just as full as this one. The portrait in the center shows Rose with her distinctive white-haired beehive.


marcinko said...

Probably frequently mistaken for the late great Texas Gov. Ann Richards?

Trivia: I've been told that Ms. Mofford is the longest-serving Arizona state employee.

Steve Buser said...

Quite a lady. I would loved to be able to browse all that memorabilia.
I noticed the Gov. Ann Richards similiarity to.