Monday, October 27, 2008

Circle of Peace

This joyful sculpture is located in the park next to St. Mary’s Basilica in downtown Phoenix. The bronze sculpture is by Gary Price and it was donated for use in this park by the parishioners of two other catholic parishes.
The arched doorway behind it was preserved from the old St. Mary’s school that is long gone. It was placed here in honor of the Sisters of the Precious Blood who taught the children at the old St. Mary’s school.

The small picture shows the view from the other side of that arched doorway.


Anonymous said...

This is nice. I like it.

marie6 said...

Looks like they're playing ring o'roses! I'm posting tomorrow a statue of 3 urchins which I really like and your post reminded me of it.

Benjamin Madison said...

Two beautiful pictures of a lovely sculpture.

Babzy said...

I love the sculpture !Thanks for visiting my blog ;)