Monday, July 27, 2009

More Historic Neighborhoods

I spent some time over the weekend prowling around another historic neighborhood not too far from where I live. The F Q Story neighborhood is named after Frances Quarles Story who developed many commercial projects as well as this neighborhood. He was apparently a man of many talents because he has been credited with the creation of the advertising campaign that made the Sunkist Orange famous.

When this neighborhood began in 1921, the population of Phoenix was only 29,000. Construction continued into the late 1930’s halting when the depression hit Arizona.

Homes in this area are built in a variety of styles from Spanish Colonial as pictured above to English Tudor to Craftsman bungalows. The English style bungalow in the smaller photo is vastly different from the Spanish Colonial in the large photo but they are located just a short distance away from each other. They both have very unique charm and appeal.


glenda said...

Love reading about the history of these homes. They are beautiful as well

Jarart said...

They are very nice homes. I like neighborhoods where the homes have their own personality and are not all alike. I'm enjoying the tours of these neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

This is another nice house. I wonder what houses are selling for in these neighbor hoods?

Daily Chicago Photo said...

I really enjoy the historic houses and neighborhoods series that you've been doing.