Monday, September 8, 2008

Ranch Market

Yesterday I mentioned that I had an interesting lunch at the restaurant associated with Ranch Market. Today I’ll show you the inside of the grocery portion of the business. The produce is amazing. The bins are always piled way higher than my 5 foot 2 inches and seem to be overflowing with lemons, limes, avocados, tomatoes, and pineapples to name just a few. There is also an abundance of every type of chili you can imagine and not just a dozen as in most stores, but hundreds and hundreds. The bakery is huge and serves up everything from Tres Leches cakes to sweet Empanadas.

The meat counter is the longest I’ve seen in a grocery store displaying cuts of meat that you would never see in other markets. The supply of canned and packaged Hispanic foods spans whole aisles as evidenced by the small picture. When I was there on Saturday afternoon, the place was full of shoppers many with children immersed in their slushy fruit drinks and frozen fruit bars. All in all, it’s a happy place, frantically busy, but always happy.


David -- said...

Your comment about the popularity of Pro's Ranch Market is reinforced by your photo of part of the produce section. The only way a supermarket could have that much fresh produce on display is if there are lots of customers buying the produce and they keep resupplying the bins with more fresh produce.

I have been to that store after lunch at Tradiciones on a weekday and it is very busy even at that hour, which you would think would be a slow time for a grocery store.

The store has also helped revitalize the neighborhood by turning what had been an abandoned big box retailer into a thriving center of activitiy.

Laurie said...

Oh, my hubby would love the selection of chilis!

angie said...

wow that looks like a great place - i can't believe i haven't been there - i have a lot of exploring to do in phoenix. once the light rail begins to run, i'll be making the trip from tempe to phoenix a lot! great photos!