Monday, September 22, 2008

Arizona Kitch

A good way to beat the heat on a Sunday afternoon is to browse a couple of antique stores and that is exactly what I did this afternoon. One of the vendor's stalls in this local shop was chock-full of the sort of southwestern objet d'art that you might see in a chain Mexican food restaurant. You know the kind, with clutter everywhere and Mexican license plate tacked to the walls. I couldn't resist taking a photo to share with my readers.
That Arizona "Grand Canyon State" Jim Beam bottle is a true collector's item. And, that hand-tooled leather, steer head adorned glass topped table is a must for any southwestern home. But, best of all is the cow-hide cowboy hat. Now that is something I could wear with pride.
In case you are wondering, I didn't buy any of them. Although I did look longingly at that hat once or twice. :-)
Do you see anything there you would like me to pick up for you?


valeria said...

The boots!!!!
This is such a peculiar shop, cow boy style! It never occurred to me that there were shops. Of course Arizona must be a great source for this type of items.
Thank you for visiting my Verona Daily Photo! I hope you may come again.
I like yours!

Wayne said...

Nothing for me thanks Sharon. I agree the hat would look good on you.

Thanks for the fun pic.

Mo said...

I'm sure with a bit more browsing I'd find lots that I'd like.

Bergson said...

I want the same for my holidays