Sunday, June 5, 2016

First Night Dining Experience

Does anyone remember this iconic building that I featured back in 2011?

Local celebrity chef Silvana Salcido Esparza opened a new restaurant in that very same building called Barrio Cafe Gran Reserva.  It's first official day of operation was last Thursday and my friend David and I got to be there for that debut dinner.

The area where this building is located is a little rough around the edges but, an abundance of artist's studios and small galleries are giving it a well deserved face lift.

As for the old Bragg's Pie Factory building, Esparza and her team have turned it into a gourmet jewel, fit for the eye as well as the stomach.

The dining room is tiny but well appointed and decorated with wonderful murals with a south of the border theme.

The menu reflects the chef's roots and showcases dishes that you won't find on any other Mexican Restaurant near here.

I had a dish that was featured on the "tasting menu" called Chicharron de Pancita, a pork dish with hints of cinnamon and served with fresh avocado and a roasted peanut and cascabel-honey salsa.  It was crispy at the edges with delicious flavors.

David had a dish called Tacuba.  It was enchilada with spinach, queso de cabre and salsa de creme y chile poblano.  The little taste I had was mouth-watering good.

Chef Esparza has a loyal following of people who love her food so getting into this tiny place in the future will be a challenge but, I'm sure we will be back.  There were a lot of other things on this menu that I would love to try.

I have a new post on Sharon's Sojourns today.  I'm taking a walk around a California island.


Jacob said...

Sounds good, looks elegant, and I'll bet it's pricey! Glad you had a good time. Hope they had air conditioning! :) I'm off to the golf course and it's supposed to be 93 which is not hot in Phoenix terms but it's blistering here! Enjoy your Sunday.

RedPat said...

Love the mural! And the food looks great too!

William Kendall said...

That mural is a show stopper!

Catalyst said...

She is a great chef of REAL Mexican food, not Tex-Mex. But I'm afraid her success in Phoenix and Scottsdale has taken her out of my price range. Pity for me, good for her.

Jack said...

I thought your plate was from AFTER you had eaten the meal!

Bob Crowe said...

The room has a bit of a Frieda Kahlo vibe and the platings are gorgeous. Pero no es barato.

Gunn said...

I like the art in the top image.

Kate said...

Wow! The food you photographed looks wonderful and certainly gives a creative flair to traditional dishes. I wish the restaurant well; not much can top good gourmet food IMHO!!