Friday, June 25, 2010

Le Cordon Bleu

Would you like to be a chef? One good way to reach that goal is to attend the Le Cordon Bleu culinary school in Paris. If Paris is a little too far from home, you can go the one in Scottsdale Arizona.

A good friend invited me to dinner meeting at the Scottsdale location recently and besides a fabulous dinner, it included a tour of the facility. There were many kitchen classrooms busy with future chefs learning the trade.

The photo above shows the chef’s tools that are given to each student as they begin their training. One should be able to prepare just about anything with this assortment.


brattcat said...

I'm wondering what you ate, Sharon. How come I have so many drawers filled with gadgets when this small collection of tools would suffice? And the truth is, I think I could receive this compliment of kitchen tools, spend every day in the classroom, as attentive as any student, and still come out a so-so cook.

Tracy said...

Do you ever watch Hell's Kitchen? If I went to culinary school the first things I would ask them to teach me how to cook would be risotto, scallops and beef wellington.

Kate said...

Or, if you live in the Midwest, come to the Twin Cities to the Le Cordon Bleu school here. I've been tempted, but why would I want to do that at this stage in my life. I think it would be fun. I have most of the chef's took that is pictured, but a chef I am not.