Monday, June 15, 2009

Arizona Theme Day: Arizona’s Hidden Treasures

Arizona is just full of hidden treasures so it’s very hard to pick just one. I chose one located in the city of Phoenix and almost hidden at the base of South Mountain.
Mystery Castle is one of the Phoenix Points of Pride named by the Phoenix Pride Commission.
The building was built by Boyd Luther Gulley who upon learning he had tuberculosis, left his wife and daughter in Seattle and came to Arizona. After arriving in Arizona, Gulley started to build a “castle” for the little girl he had left behind. He spent 15 years building his dream house.

In 1945 shortly after his death, his wife and daughter Mary Lou were surprised to learn that they had inherited a property in Arizona. They traveled here to see what they had inherited, moved into the home and never returned to Seattle. In 1948, Life Magazine did a cover story about the home and the strange circumstances surrounding it. Shortly after that, Mary Lou and her mother started giving tours of the castle.

Mary Lou’s mother died in 1970, Mary Lou still lives in the home and on occasion, when she feels up to it, still leads a tour.

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Mo said...

A touching story. I wonder if he had anyone to share his last days with. Actually last years 15. That's a long time. He obviously stilled cared for his wife and daughter but why weren't they with him. said...

I have the same question as Mo. Why would not his wife and daughter join him in Arizona before his death?

In 27 years of living in the Phoenix area, I had never heard of this place. It is indeed a hidden treasure. Great choice for your Arizona theme day.

Julie said...

very interesting. Have you gone inside?

Anonymous said...

Well done. Nice post. The story is interesting and the photo depicts a handmade castle. I really enjoyed reading this post.

Jarart said...

I don't think I've seen this place. I have read about it though. It would be fun to go inside sometime.

JM said...

Incredible! This house deserves to be on 'Fantasy Worlds' (Taschen) - a fantastic book! -, but I've checked and it's not there... Amazing story too.

Pat said...

One of my favorite places in Phx. I got a tour with the daughter or one of the relatives. It's a great place to visit.

Sharon said...

Julie, I haven't gone inside. I was planning on it when I went down there to take the pictures, but they were close for the summer. It's only open for tours October thru May.

Hilda said...

Now this is a photo that has to be enlarged to be appreciated. Fantastic building. Looks like a great place to explore!

Lisa Wilson said...

What an interesting and sad story!