Saturday, January 10, 2009

What is it?

There is an unusual looking office building on third street not far from where I live. The building is currently occupied by an engineering consulting firm but, I don’t think they were the original tenants. Why the building was built with these rather strange shaped window is a question I can’t answer. Besides the windows, the other odd thing about this building is that it is built above the ground with parking underneath the building itself.

The small photograph gives you an idea of how the building looks from the street. It is a difficult one to photograph because there is a huge power transformer located on an electric pole right in front of the building. I had to get at an angle to get the picture without that ugly box.


JM said...

You've menaged very well to give us an idea what the building looks like.
Those blue glasses(?) instead of common windows surely make an original interior atmosphere.

David -- said...

The odd shaped windows are interesting to look at, but I can think two issues with them.

1. If they are broken, can you imagine calling a glass repair shop and saying "I need a piece of glass that is . . . ." Forget it. The glass would have to be custom-cut in place.

2. It must be difficult to do window shades, blinds or curtains for these windows. Are these windows on the north side of the building where direct sun would not come in them?

Sharon, thank you for your comment on my site today. I used a photo of a toucan that you took when you visited us because it was better than any toucan photo that I have taken.

Jarart said...

You wouldn't expect to see a builing like that in downtown Phoenix. It looks like a cool place to park underneath, out of the hot sun.

Kate said...

I just saw your toucan photo on David's site...wonderful!

Pat said...

I saw a building just off Colter and 16th that was built the same way with parking underneath. I think it was a popular thing to do in the day.

Love the windows. Did you get a chance to go inside and take a picture? That would be a great picture for tomorrow, if you have the time.

Susie of Arabia said...

Those really are unusually shaped and angled windows. I don't think I've ever seen any like it!