Monday, September 19, 2016

Sculpture Exhibit

Last Thursday evening I attended the opening for a sculpture art exhibit at the Shemer Art Center.  My good friend and fellow "Art Challenge" member had two sculptures in the exhibit.

That's Tim Keneipp with one of his sculptures titled "Frank: an homage Taliesin"

It does have a sort of Frank Lloyd Wright look to it, doesn't it?

I had Tim pose with his wife Rita King next the the other piece that he had in the show.  This one is called "Chaos I".

The show drew an impressive crowd for such a small gallery.  I was pleased to see so many people turn out for this great exhibit.

One other piece that I admired was this one called "Trinity" by artist Robbie O'Carroll.

I have a few more from this show that I liked but, I'll save those for a future post.

Congratulations Tim for being selected for this show!  All of us in the Art Challenge Group are very proud of your accomplishment.


Christine said...

Well done, great looking pieces of art!

Steve Reed said...

Interesting work! Bravo!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

It's always good to see the community supporting local artists, that was a decent turnout Sharon.

Judy said...

Looks like a fun event.

William Kendall said...

Some very modern looks to these sculptures, Sharon.

RedPat said...

I like all 3 of these, Sharon!

Catalyst said...

The avant garde!