Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Design Studio

This building is the home of P.S. Studios and design a advertising firm. Their building is built into the ground leaving a narrow band of windows all the way around the top of the building. Building into the ground like this keeps the building cooler and reduces energy costs.

This is the entrance side of the building. In yesterday’s photo you saw a glimpse of the other side.


Kcalpesh said...

Nice on energy saving! Also would like to point out that the sight of the sun from behind the trees is look superb!

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Anonymous said...

Much more energy efficient, and even though its buried in the ground, there is something very visually appealing about the building.

JM said...

This is definitely my favourite style of modern architecture! Love both today and yesterday photos!

Jarart said...

I think this is a smart way to build in such a hot area. The thing I wonder about is if the doorway gets flooded when the torrential rains hit, or is there a drain down there.