Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Arizona Theme Day: Water

My dad used to call this “the back side of water”. It was a little joke he used whenever we were looking through a waterfall.

This was taken behind the waterfall at the Arizona Falls Park that I featured back in April. Arizona Falls is a joint project between the city, the Commission on the Arts, and Salt River Project, one of our two main power sources in the Phoenix area. In fact, this waterfall and two others at this same location are producing hydroelectric power that is transferred into the Salt River Project electrical grid. This small station produces enough electricity to power 150 homes.

Water is such an important resource for Arizona where much of the state is desert that I’m going to show you another water-related topic tomorrow.

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Jarart said...

That was a fun shot! Was it cool back behind the water?

glenda said...

What a neat photo. Found out about this place only recently.

Julie said...

Excellent water photo for today. Please send me all of the information to include all participating Arizona theme day folks, I will add them in as my list is old. Thanks for keeping the Arizona theme day going.

JM said...

This is really cool and make a wonderful effect as a photo!

Jackie said...

That's a fantastic shot! Hope you didn't get too wet!