Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sunset on Central Avenue

The late winter sun was low in the sky when I noticed the glow on the buildings that make up the Central Avenue Corridor. The tall building houses National Bank of Arizona among other offices. I don’t think the shorter building has a major tenant, but I do know that many years ago, the top floor used to be a Playboy Club. Can you remember those clubs with their scantily clad, cotton-tailed, bunny eared waitresses? What ever happened to those clubs? Icons of another era, maybe?

4 comments: said...

The low building on the right now holds office condos. I did not know that it was the site of the former Playboy Club. The only thing I remember about the Playboy Club in Phoenix is its sign on Central Avenue, which I passed daily on my way to and from work downtown.

The concept of a Playboy Club and those silly outfits seems so dated and stale today. So 1950's. I happen to be in Las Vegas right now, and the evening wear of women going to the night clubs in the casinos is much more provacative than the bunny outfits. (I am here on business to attend some meetings and speak at a conference; I have not gambled one dime, nor have I gone to any of the night clubs.)

Jackie said...

Hugh Heffner and the bunny girls and all that are still around - it seems they have now gone into marketing merchandise, including stuff like pencil cases and duvet covers and stuff with the pink rabbit logo. It's been very controversial as it's obviously aimed at pre-pubescent and young teenage girls (although as I understand it the Playboy empire deny this).

I like the light in this photo. It still looks so warm, even though the sun is about to disappear.

Pat said...

Now we just have Hooters. What's a guy to do?

Anonymous said...

OMG! I went to the Playboy Club many years ago with my hubby and another couple. It had such a beautiful view from up there. But I got so sick that night from too much imbibing and THAT's what I really remember!!!