Sunday, February 15, 2009

Arizona Theme Day: Arizona Sunsets

All of the Arizona photo bloggers have gotten together to form our own “theme day”. We’ve decided on the 15th of the month and each of us have selected a theme for the picture that month. This month’s theme is “Arizona Sunsets”.

My sunset picture was taken last week while I was attending a political campaign kick-off party for a very dear friend. I was standing on the patio enjoying good conversation when I looked up and saw the sky glowing. Fortunately, I had my trusty point-and-shoot camera stashed in my purse.

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JM said...

Just beautiful!

Jarart said...

This is why you should always carry some kind of camera! Nice one.

Jackie said...

Ooh that's a good idea, regional theme day! I love this picture, what beautiful colours.

glenda said...

The sunsets in Arizona are hard to beat. Now I'm sure some will debate this, but never mind.

angie said...

great colors - it pays to have the camera at hand!

Mo said...

A stunning sunset. Also a good post for skywatch Friday

Pat said...

Great picture. makes you wonder what it would look like in the daylight.

Randy said...

Beautiful shot Sharon.